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Desperate Need for New Truck

After all these years this faithful truck is finally on it’s last legs. It’s served us in so many ways: village trips, driving orphans to church, outreach events, and even acting as an ambulance once. Click here to read more.

Another Health Update

Months of doing nothing are finally coming to an end for Phong, as he is getting ready to come back to work. After over a month in the hospital, he was on bed rest at home for another month, going back and forth to the hospital for dialysis every three days. But he is getting better every day and the treatment is working! Click here to read more.

Rainy Season Artisan Party

When it rains it pours! And oh boy did it pour when Thai Village hosted it’s first RAINY SEASON PARTY. At first our spirits were “dampened” by this monsoon rain. We had to delay the party by about half an hour, but slowly people began trickling in, eventually totaling 30 people. Click here to read more.