Artisan’s Rainy Season Dance Party

When it rains it pours! And oh boy did it pour when Thai Village hosted it’s first RAINY SEASON PARTY.

We are constantly brainstorming ideas to connect with our artisans in fun and creative ways. Most of our energy is focused on providing work and income for them. This time, we wanted to focus on providing community for them; to get to know them better; to make sure they know they are precious and loved. Through a democratic vote, we decided on a new party theme: “HIGH-SO” (This is short for “High Society,” a phrase Thai people use to mean “classy” or “fancy.”)

It’s the monsoon season in Thailand now, which means it rains almost every day at some point, usually in the afternoon or early evening. We had decided to host the party inside our building, as it was almost guaranteed to rain and we couldn’t chance setting up a party outside. As we were prepping for the party, we were praying that just the right amount of people would come. Not too many (because of space limitations) and not too few (for obvious reasons). About 30 minutes before the party was scheduled to start it ABSOLUTELY POURED…. AND POURED… AND POURED.

At first our spirits were “dampened” by this monsoon rain. Why did it have to rain exactly when guests were expected to arrive? We had to delay the party by about half an hour, but slowly people began trickling in, eventually totaling 30 people. A perfect amount.

We had a fun party, with a singing show, live music, salsa dancing, and specially made hors d’oeuvres – because we had to make it “fancy,” right? Many people dressed up and enjoyed a fun night. We do think that God led just the right amount of people to this party. Some people didn’t come because of the rain, but there was plenty of space for dancing, eating, and conversation.

The gospel message was shared through a special video presentation about a famous Thai actress and her personal story of how she came to know God. Thanks be to God that we have the chance to love our artisans in this way and reach out to them with the message of God’s saving grace.


The gospel message was shared through a special video presentation.

Artisans had fun “dancing the night away” with our staff.

The fancy hors d’oeuvres prep took some time but it was worth it.

rainy season party artisans fair trade
Some party faces
rainy season party making snacks
We made these colorful Thai sweets
rainy season party tuxedo oreos
And also made these fun tuxedo oreo snacks
rainy season party couples dance
The dance performaces were a hit