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Your gifts to Thai Village yield amazing returns: economic empowerment, sustainable income, and stronger communities. Thai Village is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible as a charitable contribution.

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By setting up a monthly gift you provide stability for artisans and gospel outreach in Thailand.

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vocational training

Train and empower
artisans for a dignified job.
Thai Village provides dignified work to at-risk and low-income individuals. We consider our artisans’ interests, needs, and skills, and match these with the work available. Training to make high-quality products is an essential part of our craft program. Through this program, each artisan is able to earn income, and expand their ability to support their family.

financial saving programs

Provide financial education and
a matched savings fund for
Thai Village staff and artisans.
Artisans attend a financial stewardship and planning seminar annually, learn saving and budgeting techniques, and open a joint savings account with a Thai Village administrator. They are free to save as much money each month as they would like. Thai Village matches up to a certain amount each month. Through this program, many artisans have been able to create financial goals and save successfully to meet their goals with increasing financial independence.

community seminars

Allow Thai Village staff and
artisans to attend constructive
trainings and seminars
that equip them for work and life.
Community members are given opportunities to attend diverse trainings equipping them with holistic skills for both work and life. Topics include leadership, mental health, agriculture, business, peer counseling and more.

bible education

aroma lanna ministries

Bring theological education to
Thai Village artisans and the
surrounding community through
Aroma Lanna Ministries.
“For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ” (2 Cor 2:15) The original idea behind Thai Village grew out of a desire to support young national Christians to study the Bible. Through Aroma Lanna Ministries, Thai Village continues to provide access to theological instruction and Bible training. Aroma Lanna Ministry projects include the training of leaders in the church, the funding of Bible students, and the support of individuals in their faith.

church support

Support Promise
Lutheran Church and
other local churches in
their ministry outreach.
Thai Village financially supports local Thai churches by contributing to overhead expenses, with stipends for evangelists and church leaders, and by partnering with these churches in programs and outreach events, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day parties, children’s carnivals, and VBS programs.

community outreach

Encourage the
artisans who work
with Thai Village through
events, home visits, and more.
During the year, Thai Village (often with the partnership of Promise Lutheran Church) offers our artisans a chance to attend fun-filled community events. These parties are often accompanied by performances, faith sharing, and games. Additionally, Thai Village staff and managers make a priority to visit each artisan’s home during the year, encouraging them, and praying for their needs.


Provide food and care
packages to those hardest hit
by COVID-19 in the
surrounding community.
Thailand, a nation that relies heavily on tourism, has been hit hard from the economic effects of COVID-19. We are committed to helping our neighbors who have been the most impacted by this pandemic. We are doing this by supplying food and care packages and by letting them know they are not alone.

tvi expansion

TVI is growing!
Provide a means to impact
more people in the community

through this exciting expansion.

We have identified a great opportunity to expand to accommodate more workers, trainees, outreach, and inventory. This building expansion will facilitate opportunities to share Christ as we reach out to more people in need of relief in our community with love and hope.