Another Health Update

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for our staff and artisans. As you know, Phong was in the hospital with kidney failure for six weeks. After over a month in the hospital, he was on bed rest at home for another month, going back and forth to the hospital for dialysis every three days. But he is getting better every day and the treatment is working!

Last week Phong was able to join us at our annual staff retreat and it was great to see him begin to participate in activities again. As you can imagine, months of doing nothing has been both boring and discouraging for him. And we are re-affirmed in our belief that providing stable, empowering work for people in a supporting environment can be a ministry in itself.

He said: “When I go through difficult times and when I fall, these circumstances teach me something, that I should be careful with what I am doing in my life, and that I should prioritize the things that really matter.”

Yesterday we met with him and he said he is able to start working again on a trial basis. In the next few weeks we will see how it goes with him doing some “light” work. But every three weeks he has to go to the hospital and stay there for 3 days while they administer special IV medicine. Please keep him in your prayers as he continues to heal.

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