bring Thai Village crafts to your community!

what is a Thai Village Craft display?

a Thai Village craft display is a box of Thai Village handmade products and

information about our organization, which volunteers set up in their communities to display and sell.

60% of our funding comes from these types of displays 


product sales help:

train and employ low-income people

support Christian outreach & education

create opportunities to share God’s love in community

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect if I host a craft display?

> Before the event, spend some time spreading the word and getting your community excited about the products.

> We will send a box of products to you 3-7 days before your event.

> Set up and prepare the products at the location, host the event, and take-down.

> After the event, count unsold products, total the earnings, and send them back to our US location provided, or pass products on to a friend for a separate event.

Who can host a craft display and who can help me if I host?

> Anyone currently living in the USA can help us in this way, and every display helps! We will send you all the information you need.

> Recruit some friends to share the fun together!

> Create an event with your Bible study, church, kid’s club, youth group, or community group.

> Request a $250 grant from Thrivent for your display. 

What’s included in a Thai Village display box?

> A variety of Thai Village, Inc® products – you can request to include or withhold certain products. Browse our products here. 

> Thai Village information kit (includes artisan stories, promotional DVD, product display stands, wall banner, flyers, product catalog, bulletin/newsletter insert, how to set up a display, e-mail/newsletter sign-up sheet, product category cards, and payment methods)

Where can I host?

> Community events, markets, and fairs

> Workplace events

> Conferences and rallies

> Churches and mission Sundays

> Open house events

> Local fair trade stores

> In your home

> Any place you think is a good fit

What are the benefits to hosting a craft display?

> Provide a market and platform for talented low-income communities

> Give others an opportunity to be involved in world missions 

> Showcase meaningful products with a story

Do I need to give a presentation?

> A presentation is not necessary to host a craft display, but, depending on the location, it can be a good opportunity to share the Thai Village mission and story.

> If you have access to a screen or computer, you can play Thai Village videos or hand out flyers explaining Thai Village.

> Learn more about our products and purpose to inspire others to find out more.

Do I need to supply anything by myself?

> You may want to set up 2-5 tables for the display. Check if your location will provide tablecloths, which are not provided in the craft display box. Other helpful items to borrow include boxes, baskets, or shelves for displaying products.

> Refreshments are up to you but not necessary. You may request a $250 Thrivent gift card to cover refreshment expenses.

What do I do with the products I don’t sell?

> You can send any unsold products back to our USA location.

Can I host a craft display outside of the States?

> We currently only offer this option in the USA. If you have ideas for another location, we would love to hear from you.

What other resources are available for me?

> Videos

Flyers (contact to request)

> Preview Thai Village products on our website  

> $250 Thrivent gift card towards hosting expenses.

> USA-based display coordinator to help explain and answer any questions