Host a display

By hosting a craft display, you provide an opportunity for others to see and buy TVI products and learn about our people and programs. Hosting a display is simple. All you need to do is:

1 Decide where and when you would like to display.  If the display will be held in a church, check with your Pastor for permission to sell crafts at your display. In the past people have held TVI displays for:

  • LWMS spring or fall rallies
  • Friends and family
  • Church mission Sundays
  • Community events
  • School open houses
  • Conferences
  • NPH book fairs
  • Workplace events
  • Any regular Sunday
  • A local fair trade shop

2 Contact us  – we’ll send you everything you need.  Contact Nancy at [email protected] to request your display box. Here is some more useful information:

3 Enjoy hosting your display! Send any remaining products and checks received back to our U.S.A.-based distributor.  Or pass your box along to a friend to spread the word about Thai Village crafts!

4 View this video to learn more about hosting a display: Click here to view.

5 To learn more about hosting a display, please follow the link below:

Host A Display Inquiry

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