Mr. Sudkaet’s Story

MR SUDKAET: Today we are honored to highlight one of our artisans, Mr. Sudkaet. This man is amazing: Talented, fun loving, kind, and compassionate. We have learned much from him about what it means to be a Christian servant. He is always ready to jump into the action. And that means both in the small things (like saving a flaming barbeque grill from the monsoon rains), or in the big things (like making sure taxi drivers of makeshift vehicles feel loved and accepted.)

HIS CONVERSION: Holding a bachelors degree in Art and Architecture, Sudkaet is an accomplished painter, woodworker, and architect. As a young Buddhist man, he worked on the architectural detail of Buddhist temples in Thailand. In 1999, he learned about Jesus, through Nuut (one of our Thai Village managers) and he became a Christian. Since his conversion, his entire life has changed. He quit his temple job and began serving in the church. He just received his Theology degree this year, and he is now working as a volunteer to pioneer a church plant in a small rural village south of Chiang Mai.

A TRUE ARTIST: He was in an electrical accident at the age of 13 and lost his left arm, but this doesn’t stop him from doing quality work. In his free time, Sudkaet designs products, trains others, and produces for Thai Village. He’s been helping us for 4 years now. Not only does he serve Thai Village and our artisans, he has also been involved in overseeing the dormitory building with Aroma Lanna Project. All this and there is more… He actually specializes in building treehouses. How fun!

HIS HANDIWORK: He recently lost his full-time job but a week later, we were flooded with orders for our wooden folding nativity set so he is now working hard to fill these orders and is praising God for the work. Thanks to those of you who ordered this product, and other products that support Sudkaet and artisans like him. Join us today in praying for this man, his church plant, and his future.

sudkaet befriending a man
Showing his friendly spirit, Sudkaet jumped into this taxi and befriended this man
sudkaet saving the grill from rain
Saving our BBQ grill from the mosoon rains
sudkaet wooden folding nativities
Wooden Nativity sets hand made by Sudkaet