Our Managers and Trainers

Nuut - Product Designer, Skills Trainer, Production Manager

Nuut joined the Thai Village team in 2011, as a product designer. She began leading skills trainings and producer groups in 2012. An art graduate of Chiang Mai University, Nuut bring much talent and creativity to the team. She now serves as a production manager for Thai Village.

Jane - Sewing and Stitching Production Manager

Jane began working for Thai Village in early 2015 and has become an valuable addition to our management team. She oversees all the training and production of sewing and stitching artisans.

May - Jewelry and Tin Production Manager, Chiang Mai Sales Manager

May joined the Thai Village Production Manager team in 2014. She oversees all the training and production of tin-smithing, jewelry, and weaving and helps with design of jewelry and weaving projects. She also manages product stock at consignment locations throughout Chiang Mai.

Sudkaet - Trainer

Sudkaet is an architect and designer with vast experience and a varied skill set. He serves Thai Village as a skills-trainer, consultant, and artisan in the areas of tin smithing, frame-making, sketching, and Thai traditional art.

Wang - Trainer

Wang is the local Thai church evangelist who serves Thai Village in various training capacities. His specialties are silver-smithing, leather working, and a variety of jewelry products.