Our Artisans

Our heart and our focus is in the lives of our artisans, women and men from villages throughout Northern Thailand.  Some are housewives, some are evangelists, and some are farmers.  Although Thai Village artisans come from various walks of life, they are each precious and gifted individuals whose talents come together to create original products and designs.  We would love for you to get to know our artisans further through reading and knowing their stories.

Phong - Tin Smithing

Phong has been working for Thai Village for almost two years now. He came to Chiang Mai for medical treatment and to finish his education. He is supporting himself through tin-smithing projects and has become an expert in his handicraft field.

Mhee - Tin Smithing

Mhee is an evangelist who serves in many ways.  He has designed and hand crafted the Thai Village tin ornaments as well as several beautiful jewelry products for Thai Village.  Currently he is exploring ministry opportunities in his home town where he is the only Christian.  He is supporting himself and his family by making tin ornaments for Thai Village.  He says, “Even though I didn’t serve full time, everything we do is to serve God too (John 6: 29).”

Suey - Seamstress

Meet Suey, from the Tai Yai (Shan) ethnic group originally from Burma. Suey has a powerful testimony saying at first that she didn’t think Jesus existed but after one year working with a Christian family, she came upon this verse in Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.” After that, she began attending church and growing in faith in Christ. Recently, she has even had the chance to share God’s love with her neighbors while making and explaining the figures in our Noah’s ark educational play set! “The things that we make come from our hearts,” she says, and it is evident through her excellent work.

Dao - Seamstress

Eet - Tin Smithing

Eet began working with Thai Village in 2014 after attending a TVI skills training. He quickly picked up the basics of tin smithing and now regularly produces Christmas ornaments for Thai Village. Through Eet, his sister and other members of his village heard about Thai Village and have begun learning skills in stiching and sewing as well.

Buu - Stitching

Buu grew up in Naan Province in northern Thailand near the border of Laos. She is the wife of one of the evangelists in the Hmong Village 9 church.  Although a full time mother of two young girls, she is also an excellent seamstress and finds time to help sew for Thai Village.  In addition, she also helps organize the Hmong women’s needlework program in her village.  Buu is business-minded and always thinking of new ideas for how to improve production.  She is considering starting a small business of her own in her village.