Our Process

Our purpose is outworked in and through the process of doing business in Thailand, through our activities, through the creation and distribution of our products, and through relationships. Many hands are involved in the production of each hand-crafted item, and relationships with people are formed at every stage of our process. We see each of these stages as opportunities to live out our purpose to love others and be witnesses to Jesus.  From our hands to yours, we believe that each person is important in our process.


Members of the Thai Village creative team work together to design unique products that are tested to meet high-quality standards.  Once a product design is approved, production managers shop the local markets, gather supplies, and prepare materials for training.


Skills training sessions are conducted in local villages or at the Thai Village workshop in Chiang Mai, and can last from one day to up to a week, depending on what is being taught. Once artisans have been trained managers prepare packets of materials and deliver projects to artisans who are located in Chiang Mai as well as in villages across Northern Thailand.


Artisans throughout the villages and towns of Northern Thailand create beautiful handmade crafts in their own homes, villages, and communities.


When finished, production managers collect and quality control the crafts, paying the artisans fair wages according to the design and size. Fair trade principals are integral to Thai Village’s process.


Artisans, production manager, Thai Village staff, and community members sew, finish, and package the different products such as books, bags, jewelry, and ornaments. They are now ready to be purchased!

Displays and Sales

Volunteers in Thailand send products to the U.S. volunteer coordinator and distributor for craft sales and displays upon request.  Special product orders are also sent to sales venues in Thailand, Australia, and the UK.