Our Programs

Through working alongside local people we hope to see, understand, and support the interests, desires, and needs of national people in Thailand.  Not only does Thai Village provide valuable  handicraft and vocational skills training to low-income individuals, craft sales also help to financially support Bible education, national churches, and financial planning programs.  In the past, Thai Village has supported nationals to earn supplementary income, attend vocational training, participate in community health seminars, implement literacy and children’s education programs, and fund the training of future church leaders.

Vocational Training and Income Generation

Economic self-sufficiency is a foundational principle to Thai Village.  Individuals we work with who express special interest in particular crafts or trades are encouraged to further develop their skills and passions.  This often leads to income generation an increase in the artisan’s ability to support themselves and their family, which is wonderful!  Thai Village has supported nationals in programs such as stitching, sewing, dressmaking, tin carving, silver-smithing, soap making, paper making, and jewelry designing.

Matched Savings Program

Financial planning is an important component of Thai Village programs. Thai Village funds annual stewardship seminars and facilitates a matched savings program among artisans. Because of this program, participants have reported being able to pay off debt, save for the future, develop an emergency savings fund, pay for education, buy a motor scooter, and contribute to building a family house! Participants also report gaining patience, habits and practices of saving, and financial knowledge through this program!

Church Support and Christian Education

Thai Village financially supports local Thai churches with stipends for evangelists and church leaders as well as by covering some overhead expenses.  The original idea behind Thai Village grew out of a desire to see young national Christians support themselves to formally study the Bible.  Thai Village continues to fund Bible students to support their Christian education and leadership training whenever possible.