Please Help – Our Truck is on its Last Legs!

UPDATE!  As of today, we have received $23,964 in donations for the truck fund. THANK YOU so much to all of you who donated so far! We are truly humbled by your generosity and kindness!

We have determined that we need to purchase a truck with 4-wheel drive so that we can travel the muddy dirt roads that access remote village areas, and we also need a double cab with a topper on the back with benches for more capacity to move things and people. This type of truck will cost 920,000 baht, almost exactly $27,000 USD. We believe that we can meet our new goal of $27,000 by the end of this month. If you haven’t donated yet, please consider donating now. WE ARE SO CLOSE TO OUR GOAL! All donations are tax-deductible. Click on this link to learn more about this fundraiser or to send a donation today.

THE TRUCK: This 20 year old faithful truck has been used as an ambulance, a refuge from rain while at church camps or outreach events, a “home” to hymn-singing travelers, a dining car, a sleeping car, as well as a very frequent people transport vehicle. It has been pulled out of the mud and flood waters, used to rescue stranded team members (as well as breaking down and stranding others – haha). But we need a new one!

THE HISTORY: It has been driven to take people to hospitals in many provinces, has been to Thailand’s highest mountain tops, and has had unpleasant contact with various cars, motorbikes, trees, walls, ditches, and telephone poles. Its windshield spontaneously shattered once and it has often had a very substantial amount of water flood the driver’s side floor mat. At one time, when one of its side mirrors was sideswiped by a speeding semi truck, no one was hurt!

THE NEED: It’s possible that our stories of this truck could go on forever, but we’ve come to realize that this truck cannot! We’ve towed it and fixed it. We’ve rebuilt the engine and oiled it. We’ve prayed for it to last year after year. But it’s finally time to say goodbye to this truck. Please help us as we gather funds for a more reliable vehicle! Donate today.

OUR FUNDRAISING PLAN: Thanks to the kindness and generosity of many people, we are almost to our $27,000 goal. Only a little bit more to go! Please join us in raising these funds. Click here to learn more.

mhee guitar cropped
In Truck on Music Outreach Trip
shattered windshield catastrophe
Shattered Windshield Catastrophe

Bible Student Transport

This truck was used to transport Bible students to soccer camp outreach – you would be surprised how many people fit in the back cab!

Another breakdown :(

During this breakdown, the truck’s engine was completely destroyed. The truck was towed 2 hours to the closest town with Sara sitting in the angled truck as it was towed the whole time.

Village Preaching Trips

It was used to travel to this remote village over 250 times over the last 20 years for the purpose of teaching and preaching the Gospel.

Thai Village Artisan Village Visit

It’s been used numerous times to transport the Thai Village team for outreach and artisan visitation.

Orphanage Children Pile in for Church

This truck was used for 15 years to bring children to church on Sunday mornings.

We've Loaded it Down

It’s been loaded down with all sorts of furniture, water tanks, sewing machines, village produce, and more!

Village Outreach Trip

Used for regular trips to remote villages for outreach. This trip was an English camp outreach.

Most Recent Break-down :(

We’ve towed it and fixed it. We’ve rebuilt the engine and oiled it. We’ve prayed for it to last year after year. But it’s finally time to say goodbye to this truck.


We haven’t quite gotten to this truck capacity yet, but this is a typical scene on Thai roads.