Staff Retreat Fun

Once a year we gather our staff and head out of town, retreating from our tasks, production, and duties. We do this to rest, rejuvenate, and connect with each other. This year, we spent two nights at a rural organic homestay, just south of Chiang Mai city. The place had bicycles for us to use as we explored the gardens and enjoyed almost non-stop team bonding activities.

This year’s staff retreat combined staff from Thai Village, Promise Lutheran Church, and Aroma Lanna Ministries. We also invited 4 of our more remote artisans to join us at the retreat. We wanted to be intentional about expanding this opportunity for connection to some of the people we don’t get to see as often.

It’s amazing how just a few days away from town can bind us together! We were able to eat, sing, play, and pray together as a group of 25 people. Jade headed up the food team, supported by Nora and Kham-Oo, and preparing various delicious items. Despite the monsoon rains, we still managed to have an outdoor barbeque with karaoke! Taeng, Wang, Pastor Num, and Pastor Meister led us in worship and contemplative sessions. Liz, Aoh, and May led some fun and challenging team-building activities. Katie, Tuum, Suey, and Wang prepared a 2-hr, multi-stage, BIG GAME, which took us off the retreat grounds into the surrounding mountain areas.

“BIG GAME” has been an institution in our organization for 10 years now. This year’s big game included a water race, spoon and egg relay, slingshot competition, a hidden puzzle challenge, and a photo scavenger hunt. So much fun!

Overall, this retreat was a success, especially toward our goal to get to know some of our newer artisans. We are grateful for a strong team and an even stronger God, leading us day-by-day in all things.


retreat sudkaet and group eating together
Those that eat together, stay together :)
retreat teambuilding activities
Team building activities building a bridge over a river (men vs women).
retreat slingshot games
"BIG GAME" is no joke! We take our slingshot challenges seriously.
retreat worship
Worship is an integral part of our annual retreat.