Videos and Media

Beautiful Life - An Artisan's Story

A Thai Village artisan tells how she fled through the jungle to find a better life, how she came to know God, and how she eventually became involved with Thai Village.

Thai Village and the Church: 2014

See how Thai Village began and how it currently works with local Thai churches in Northern Thailand to implement skills trainings and other programs.

How to Host a Craft Display

What does hosting a Thai Village display mean? Who do I contact to learn more? How can I request TVI products? Does TVI accept credit cards? These questions and more are answered in this video.

Artisan Profiles: Kon and Mhee

Meet Kon and Mhee, two creative young men from different villages who make beautiful jewelry and tin products for Thai Village.

Thai Village 2 Min Intro Video: 2014

A short 2 minute overview of Thai Village purpose and programs, with product previews as well!

TVI Purpose Video 2010

This video shows how Thai Village focuses on “Hands working together to support Christian education and economic self-sufficiency in Thailand”

Youth Rally Promo Video 2009

This short one-minute video was presented at the WELS Youth Rally in Ames, Iowa in 2009. It gives a fun, upbeat, and concise look at Thai Village!

Artisan Story: Pring

Pring is a seamstress and sewing manager at Thai Village. Learn more about her story here.

WELS Thailand Mission

In the 1800s, new Lutheran immigrants in America stayed connected to relatives back in the old country, often encouraging each other in the faith. Today, that trend continues, but the old country isn’t Germany… it’s Thailand.