One of our favorite things to do together is reflect on past events. Each year we meet with our local team at the end of January to review our purpose and how we saw it come to pass in the previous year. If you’re like us, by mid January the holiday excitement has worn off and the hope for the new year (and hope for how you and the world will change) likely may even have too.

There’s no better time for a communal reflection! It provides perspective, to look back to where we’ve been and re-commitment to where we’re heading.

We see that throughout 2020 God prepared us with the increased ability and potential to work together. God prepared TVI to have these good programs to help the community. God prepared you, our supporters, to fund the projects and pray. And God prepared the people in the community to receive the food packets, receive work, and receive our expressions of God’s love.

One team member shared about an individual artisan whose life was impacted:

“One young single mom reached out for help when she was going to be evicted. We didn’t know her at all, but the thing that she needed (income) was the thing that we had (work) and she was already good at (sewing).

Through my own individual strength, I wouldn’t have been able to help her, but as a team, an organization, we could actually help others by giving them work. She came in for work and became a part of the church too.

She’s an exact fit of the group of people we are here to serve.”

This annual meeting is a fun and engaging way to review our purposes and spend time enjoying each other and laughing together. It’s not an exaggeration to say our team leaves the all-day (phones-free) purpose meeting energized, with a kind of electric excitement. We are aware of our smallness and also the greatness of God. We are excited, hopeful for the future!