Prayer Requests Sept 2021

Please join us in praying for the following items this month. Thanks!


Thank God that he’s sustained us so far and pray that we would have faith in him and his provision in our lives and the lives of those we serve here in Thailand. Pray for the new artisans that have come into our community throughout the past year of COVID-19 and that they would come to know Christ as Lord and provider for all of their needs.


We will be partnering with Pastor Wang at Promise Church to distribute food for the needy this month. Pray that the program goes well, that recipients feel and see God’s love, that they would be connected to church leaders and our Christian community, and that they would come to know him as their savior.


Comfort for one of our managers (Nuut) whose father just passed away from lung failure due to COVID-19 and also for one of our artisans (Muey) who just lost her husband in a motorcycle accident.


Schools are still closed here. Pray for the single moms and families with kids who have been home from school for over a year to have endurance, patience and wisdom in learning. Pray kids could go back to school safely soon.


Thailand has been going through some tough years, politically, with increased demonstrations and protests in the Bangkok. Please pray for wisdom in the leadership of the country and for peace and safety among those in conflict.


That God would give us wisdom and ears to hear his will as we proceed with fundraising and our vision for buying land and building in the future.

Thanks for your prayers and your support!