Mai’s Story

Three years ago Mai made the hard decision to keep her baby when the father left her. As a single mother, she knew she was choosing a difficult path. She is now raising her son while working from home as the sole breadwinner. She rises early and stays up late to earn enough to live on.

At Thai Village, we work with people who are traditionally excluded or exploited. We love our artisans but not everyone in the world does. Flexible work hours and reliable product orders are essential to single moms like Mai who are making ends meet solely by producing Thai Village crafts. By providing training and dignified work they are able to make a living in a safe setting… and hear of the hope of the Gospel!

HO-401 Thrill of Hope
boxed nativity set
Mai’s son is now 2 1/2 years old. His name is Mangkorn, which means “Dragon” in Thai.