First Quarter 2022

Purpose: Every year we get together with our staff, volunteers, and partnering organizations to review the previous year, re-visit our purpose, and make plans for the new year. This year’s meeting included some very encouraging stories of God’s provision, fun team building games, and some exciting brainstorming sessions about where we are going in the future!

Growth: As you have likely heard us say, Thai Village has been outgrowing our training space for some time now. In December 2021 we learned that our next-door neighbors were going to be vacating their building and jumped at the opportunity for us to expand into that space. Last week we were able to sign the contract and start moving over into the new building.

This is serving as a trial for us to test the space we want to eventually build. We already feel like we can breathe a bit more! In addition, this extra space has already allowed us to hire more full-time workers that the lack of space had prevented for some time.

Mental health: Thai Village was invited to send 2 staff to a burnout seminar and retreat facilitated by Thai mental health professionals. Nuut and Pring attended this 3-day retreat and then shared what they learned with the rest of the TVI staff. This was such a great opportunity to check in with each other on how we are doing and find ways to support each other more. Once culturally taboo, the rising increase in Thai mental health awareness and preventative initiatives has allowed us to network with other leading local organizations in accessing holistic resources like this.

Foundation: We have a new board of directors for our Thailand foundation, consisting of 7 qualified board members. One of our core values is local input and engagement. We are proud to have identified people on the ground to give input and help with planning towards the long-term vision of Thai Village.