Stewardship Seminar

This year’s annual stewardship seminar covered several practical financial topics such as budgeting, planning, and conflict around money in the family. In order to qualify for the savings program, artisans must work with Thai Village in a certain capacity, so new artisans have an opportunity to qualify each year. We welcomed five new savings program participants, all of whom had heard colleagues share stories of what they had been able to save and were eager to join the program and start a habit of saving themselves.

A first time participant who is a single mom shared her progress after three months of being in the program. She has children from a previous marriage who are not currently living with her but that she intends to raise herself once she is financially stable. She is working hard to earn and is saving towards this goal. This is what she said:

I used to not like numbers. I would use the money I had and not know where it went. Now, I’m paying attention to numbers and what I’m spending. Now I’m writing down my expenses and tracking where my money went. I’m using what I have to reach my goal of having my family reunited.”

Join us in cheering on this mom and others in our savings program for their sacrifices, grit, determination and hard work. Pray for their endurance and encouragement as they work towards inspiring financial goals. Click here to learn more about our Matched Savings Program.