Pollution Relief

Some of you may have noticed that around February or March every year the social media accounts of people living in Northern Thailand begin to focus on “smokey season.” Chiang Mai has recently taken the top spot of having the worst air quality in the world... read more

Savings Program

Our annual stewardship seminar saw an all-time high in participant numbers this year. As a part of our Matched Savings Program, this year’s seminar covered topics around money, spending, family conflict, and cultural expectations. The topics of saving and planning for... read more


One of our favorite things to do together is reflect on past events. Each year we meet with our local team at the end of January to review our purpose and how we saw it come to pass in the previous year. If you’re like us, by mid January the holiday excitement... read more

Training Season

After multiple months of no local COVID-19 transmissions in the country, Thailand has allowed in-person education opportunities to open again. July and August were busier than ever with vocational training in sewing, stitching and tin-smithing for new contacts we met... read more

COVID-19 Relief

We’ve found pure gold! Yes, we know that this COVID-19 year has been rough. With increasing job loss, political uncertainty, health concerns, economic recession, and ongoing natural disasters we sometimes feel like we are just fighting to keep our heads up.  ... read more

Annual Report 2019

As we step back and reflect on the year, we celebrate the gifts that God has infused into humanity, that he has breathed into his world and given us the task to steward for the common good. We delight in the way he gifts us with resourcefulness and ingenuity not only... read more