Prayer Requests Sept 2021

Please join us in praying for the following items this month. Thanks! Thanks Thank God that he’s sustained us so far and pray that we would have faith in him and his provision in our lives and the lives of those we serve here in Thailand. Pray for the new... read more

Critical Income

How has COVID-19 been affecting the people in our community? The truth is that COVID-19 is making lives very hard here in Thailand. So many people are out of work. We can’t tell you how many people are coming to us asking for work and the opportunity to earn... read more

Annual Report 2020

2020 will go down in history across the globe – how will you remember it? Early on in 2020 we realized that it would be a difficult year. And yet, so many amazing things happened. In the middle of COVID-19, we were blessed. As you read through this report, we... read more

Pollution Relief

Some of you may have noticed that around February or March every year the social media accounts of people living in Northern Thailand begin to focus on “smokey season.” Chiang Mai has recently taken the top spot of having the worst air quality in the world... read more

Savings Program

Our annual stewardship seminar saw an all-time high in participant numbers this year. As a part of our Matched Savings Program, this year’s seminar covered topics around money, spending, family conflict, and cultural expectations. The topics of saving and planning for... read more


One of our favorite things to do together is reflect on past events. Each year we meet with our local team at the end of January to review our purpose and how we saw it come to pass in the previous year. If you’re like us, by mid January the holiday excitement... read more