Critical Income

How has COVID-19 been affecting the people in our community? The truth is that COVID-19 is making lives very hard here in Thailand. So many people are out of work. We can’t tell you how many people are coming to us asking for work and the opportunity to earn... read more

Masks for Freedom

It is no secret that COVID-19 had devastated Thailand’s economy. It has left so many people living in desperation. We are doing our best to fight especially for women who are the sole breadwinners for their families. During this pandemic we have created a new... read more

Pollution Relief

Some of you may have noticed that around February or March every year the social media accounts of people living in Northern Thailand begin to focus on “smokey season.” Chiang Mai has recently taken the top spot of having the worst air quality in the world... read more

COVID-19 Relief

We’ve found pure gold! Yes, we know that this COVID-19 year has been rough. With increasing job loss, political uncertainty, health concerns, economic recession, and ongoing natural disasters we sometimes feel like we are just fighting to keep our heads up.  ... read more