Mai’s Story

Three years ago Mai made the hard decision to keep her baby when the father left her. As a single mother, she knew she was choosing a difficult path. She is now raising her son while working from home as the sole breadwinner. She rises early and stays up late to earn... read more

Critical Income

How has COVID-19 been affecting the people in our community? The truth is that COVID-19 is making lives very hard here in Thailand. So many people are out of work. We can’t tell you how many people are coming to us asking for work and the opportunity to earn... read more

Welcome Bee!

Our newest full time worker started this month. Bee moved to Chiang Mai during the third wave of COVID and was laid off from the job he initially secured because of the lock-down. It turns out that Phong, our previous full-time tin-smither who had been making tin... read more

Training Season

After multiple months of no local COVID-19 transmissions in the country, Thailand has allowed in-person education opportunities to open again. July and August were busier than ever with vocational training in sewing, stitching and tin-smithing for new contacts we met... read more